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TIPS About Wire Rope!








The size of the pullyey, sheave or drum determines the maximum diameter of the rope or cable that can be fed through the transit or fitting. With control cables, diameter usually refers to the overall, condult or outer casing diamension. With bare wire rope, the largest outer diameter is listed because the rope's diameter is not uniform in size.




Breaking Strength


Breaking strength is the maximum tensile load or force that the wire rope or mechanical cable will hold before breaking. Breaking strength is multiplied by a safety factor to determine the actual operating or working load of the wire rope.






Number of Strands


Suppliers list the number of wires per strand followed by the number of strands per rope or cable. For example, products with a 7X19 designation have seven strands per cable and 19 wires per strand. The core is not included in the number of wires per strand. In cable-laid rope, the number of cables is stated.







When selecting the appropriate wire rope cable for your wire rope assamblies or control product, there are a few factors which need to be considered!








All wire rope cables have spaces between each strand and wire. When a load is applied, the spaces between the wires are reduced and the wire rope cable will grow in length. The amount of the growth is determined by the load applied, length of the cable and construction of the cable.








An elongation of the cable wires when a load is applied. This can be a significant factor when the yeild point of the wire is surpassed.








The minimum breaking strength is referred to as the minimum tensile strength. This is measured in lbs. or kg. and should be based on the max working load and safety factor. The recommended minimum safety factor ration is 10:1 which represents(min. breaking strength TO max working load).






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