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  Stainless Steel



     Chemical Composition




CORROSION RESISTANCE  While incorrectly selected stainless alloys may pit or corrode under severe combinations of elevated temperatures and exposures to some types of chemicals, correct selection provides essential immunity to corrosion.





ABILITY TO WITHSTAND SEVERE TEMPERATURE  Stainless alloys generally maintain excellent strength and resistance to scaling at elevated temperature. With proper selection, stainless can be used at temperatures up to 2200°F.. Stainless can also be used effectively at low temperatures, at which it has less tendency to become brittle than conventional carbon or alloy steel.





ASSURENCE OF PURITY  Stainless is the logical product when chemical purity must be assured such as in pharmaceuticals or food manufacture, or when color balance may be affected by chemical changes such as in the textile industry. Stainless is inert to blood salts and natural tissues making it the perfect selection for surgical and medical instruments and appliances.





LOW MAINTANCE  Because of the high mechanical properties and resistance to corrosion exhibited by stainless, maintenance requirements are significantly reduced in most situations. Stainless surfaces are easier to clean, and provide a better appearance than alternative products.





HIGH SALEABILITY  Stainless  is viwed as a premium because of the reputation this material has earned for attractive appearances, toughness, and durability even under unfavorable conditions. Because of this, stainless is a highly saleable product, both to our customers and by them to the end user.






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