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Stainless Steel Wire for Spring is the product with excellent mechanical properties for a uniformity of goods following spring wire shape under the strict quality control with our technology from wire rod to final products, fulfilled with suitable coated treatment classified by the usages.





Stainless Steel Wire for Weaving is equipped with the mechanical properties satisfied with good brightness, high resistance to corrosion, and furnished with the products of regular winding pitch & tension under the strict control of process in the up-to-date facilities, at the same time with wire strand for wave laid triple weave and twisted weave.





Stainless Steel Wire for Roping has the most suitable mechanical properties for cable, wire rope, and brush in connection with technology on cable structure, along with a various types of packing standard.





Stainless Steel Wire for General Purpose has all kinds of grade for its respective applications, being produced with excellent surface conditions colored by mechanical properties to reach the grade range from full hard to soft according to our customer's demands.






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